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Ela Amarie

Founder Of Mindful Brain


Hello and welcome to Mindful Brain!

My name is Ela Amarie and I am a Psychologist and a certified Mindfulness Trainer. As a Romanian woman, I have found a second home in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland where I founded Mindful Brain in 2012.

Although my life is firmly devoted to mindfulness teaching now, this was not always so.

My professional life began with thirteen years of experience in Human Resources, mainly in the field of Talent Management. My life was uprooted in 2010, though, when the company I worked for was reorganized and I was forced to make a change. It was then that I found myself struggling and began a personal search for greater balance and well-being. During my journey into growth and self-awareness, I delved into research on the mind, the brain, and practical applications of mindfulness and neuroscience. When I applied this research to my own life, the benefits were remarkable.

I have learned useful skills to help me live a more balanced and present life and cope with stress and worry. Mindfulness taught me to live in the present, to simply enjoy and truly savour each moment. My mind transformed and my life changed in such a positive, beautiful way that I felt compelled to share my experience and knowledge of mindfulness with those looking to improve their quality of life personally and professionally.

Because of this, I decided to change my career for good. My work is now focused on how to nurture optimal health, well-being and performance through the practice of mindfulness.

My formal schooling began with a degree from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and a degree as a Primary School Teacher. I also graduated the Cultivation of Emotional Balance teaching course from the Santa Barbara institute for Consciousness Studies, taught by PhD Paul Ekman and PhD B Alan Wallace. I am an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) teacher, certified by the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches (IMA). I am also certified in Mindfulness in Education by the Mindfulness in School Project. Finally, I became a Certified Yoga teacher at the Samahita Retreat.

I have learned greatly from the following teachers: Alan Wallace, Paul Ekman, Dan Siegel, Mark Williams, Linda Lehrhaupt, Frits Koster, Petra Meibert.

My caring mentors have included: Jon Kabat-Zinn, Rick Hanson, David Rock, Richard Davidson, Paul Gilbert, Kelly McGonigal, Seane Corn, Brene Brown, Tara Brach, Pema Chodron, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

Since the creation of Mindful Brain, I have worked with numerous individuals and organizations, advising them on how to use mindfulness to optimize performance and improve quality of life through physical and mental well-being. I am a member of the Swiss Mindfulness Association and Mindful Brain has been given the EM-Fit Standard Quality Label for Mindfulness and Stress-Reduction Programs.

With Mindful Brain, I hope to introduce my students to mindfulness while reminding myself of its importance in my life. The beauty of mindfulness is that learning, growing, and developing as a person and professional never ends.


Mindful Brain. Make The Most Of it.

Welcome to Mindful Brain!

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