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Mindfulness for Teenagers

Find Your Chill with Mindfulness

Find Your Chill with Mindfulness – Get Stress Under Control And Enjoy Your Life To The Fullest

Quick and Easy Strategies to Let Go of Anxiety, Worry and Stress

Being a teen can be really stressful! The teen years are full of challenging changes, both mentally and physically. If you’re like many teens, you may have difficulty dealing with stress in effective ways. Without healthy interventions you might be prone to anxiety, depression, self-harm and other physiological and psychological issues.

Are you dealing with stress at school in the form of pressure to get better results and be involved in more extracurricular activities? Are you worried over school and homework?

√ Are you suffering from stress at home, perhaps because of family demands, arguments, and expectations?

√ Are your relationships with friends, schoolmates, or loved ones stressful and overwhelming?

√ Do you feel as though things are spinning out of control and you cannot stop worrying?

√ Maybe you are experiencing pain and health concerns?

If you learn a few strategies for getting stress under control now, you will have the skills you need to deal with problems and difficult feelings throughout your whole life. Mindfulness is a powerful way to handle stress, find balance, and live life more fully.

Mindfulness is all about living fully in the present moment and noticing what is happening right here and now. It is a skill that makes you aware of your thoughts and feelings in the present moment.

The Mindfulness Program for Teens  is a four-week course designed to help you reduce stress, improve your attention, manage your emotions, and gain greater control over your thoughts and actions. By attending this program, you will discover the natural power and peace that is always inside of you.

The program will help you deal more successfully with common challenges experienced in school, including extracurricular activities and relationships, and help you live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Mindfulness Program for Teens 

The program is a teen-friendly, developmentally appropriate 4-week intervention for adolescents (ages 12 – 15 and 16 – 19) who are experiencing stress and stress-related symptoms. The program is an adaptation of  the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Mindfulness can give teenagers the ability to access their inner resources and strengths and to nourish the positive aspects of their hearts and minds, giving them skills to live a rewarding and fulfilling life.

How does it work?

  • 75min sessions once per week for 4 weeks
  • Guided instructions in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Group dialogue
  • Daily short home assignments (10 minutes)
  • Handouts and audio-guided meditation practices

What are the benefits?

  • Handle everyday stress better, including taking tests at school, dealing with parents, or navigating drama with friends.
  • Improve focus and concentration in the classroom.
  • Find your balance and manage difficult emotions (e.g., anxiety, anger, depressive moods).
  • Handle business in your mind, repetitive negative thoughts, or worries.
  • Increase positive coping strategies and decrease self-harming thinking and behaviors.
  • Find balance in your life and learn to relax and find your chill.

Mindfulness is not a universal panacea, but it will give you tools and skills to better handle stress and enjoy your life to the fullest.


  • The mind-body connection: listening to your body
  • Learning to pay attention: autopilot vs. awareness
  • Mindfulness of feelings: handling difficult emotions
  • Mindfulness of thoughts: seeing thoughts as only thoughts
  • Defining stress: stress, health, and coping
  • Self-compassion: taking care of yourself
  • Positive self-care activities to resource yourself

Take charge of your life and find your chill with the Mindfulness Program for Teens! You will become empowered to take control over your well-being, increase self-esteem and live life with renewed hope and energy.


How teens today are different from the past generations:


What’s going on inside the teen brain:


Stressed out teens and mindfulness (video):


Mindfulness for Teens Program – Age Group 16 – 19

Dates: 18th January – 8th of February 2021, Online classes (ZOOM), Weekly from 6.00 PM -7.15 PM (Swiss time)

Cost: 4 sessions, weekly handouts, audio guided meditations, Small groups, limited places.

Early-bird price (valid up to 2 weeks before the event): 280chf

Regular price: 320chf.

The cost of the program is partially covered by some Swiss Health Insurances.

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